Day 101 – Support, family and friends

I’m sure most people wish they could be independent,  able to fight through any hardship on their own and to come out the other side a stronger person. The truth of the matter is that many times in your life you’ll have to lean on the surport of your family and friends, after all isn’t that what we do best? Being injured is probably one of those times, especially if the injury leaves you unable to walk for even just a short amount of time. Braking the talus bone in my ankle left me almost completely bed ridden for a week and unable to put any weight on my right foot for three months, this was definitly going to be one those times.

Now without sounding to much like a clichéd  Oscars acceptance speech there really a few people who need I need thank. Without my family and friends around me it would have been nearly impossible to stay positive through the recovery so far. Lets start with the unlucky bugger who was there when it happened and therefore also got the pleasure of driving to, and waiting for hours in A&E.

Tony gets the shot whilst I drive across the Dartmoor countryside.

Tony had spent the morning trying to convince me to go surfing but I continued with the plan of going to the climbing wall, In hindsight that was the first mistake! After falling and realising something was wrong he jumped in the drivers seat of my van and whisked me off to hospital. Tony and myself then filled our long wait in A&E with any conversation that would take my mind off of the pain, mainly taking the piss out of me and laughing about that time that I had to go with him to the very same waiting room, But thats a story for another time.  Being told I couldn’t walk for a while also meant I couldn’t drive, which would have left me pretty much stuck at home if it wasn’t for tony constantly making the long journey to mine to either play video games, or go out to take pictures and lift my boredom. As well as being a brilliant taxi driver Tony also writes a really entertaining blog all about our adventures and mishaps, so heres a shameless plug. Go check it out HERE.

The last three months would also not have been so easy if it wasn’t for my awesome family, mainly for putting up with their 21 year old son who should really be out earning a living not sat on his bed for weeks watching terrible daytime tv. The help and constant words of encouragement have given me no other choice than to stay positive and too keep thinking ahead. All of the people that came and visited me when I was in hospital were the only reason I stayed sane in there. And In true fashion my friends have all taken the piss just the right amount, enough for me to see the comical side of things and to get my mind off of it all. So for everyone who has seen me during all of this or even to those who have managed to send kind words I have to say thanks, Its made this otherwise miserable situation pretty damn good!

My sisters down to celebrate christmas, they didn’t laugh at the boot too much…

I have however missed some things. Having so much time to myself has given me a lot of time to reminisce. I spent a long time thinking back to a climbing trip I took to snowdonia in North Wales,  it was the first trip I had taken on my own and spent most of my time soloing long easy routes in the Ogwen valley or Llanberis pass.  For those that haven’t heard of soloing before it quite simply means climbing without a rope or climbing partner. It gets a mixed reaction from onlookers because it has high consequences if you fall of, some look on and appreciate  the commitment involved and others just label you as an “Adrenaline junkie”. Most climbers I know that regulaly solo climb however arent “junkies” but very calculated people, and only solo routes they are 100 percent sure they can climb. In practising this form of climbing you are completely self dependent and it leads to a great feeling of freedom, a feeling I haven’t felt in these past few months. But I am sure given the time, rehab and patience I will be back to those adventures, Ive just got to take the small steps first.

The view at the end of a long solo climb up Ideal slabs, North Wales.

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