Day 124 – Motivation, And training on a beastmaker.

“You could just skip this last set, you’ve worked hard enough tonight” Says the little voice inside my head. “I’ll just take a rest day today and catch up tomorrow” how easy it would be to just listen to this voice and give up,  who would know that I had. I would!

I once listened to Dave MacLeod saying that those who don’t really enjoy the process of getting somewhere aren’t likely to make it at all. This rings true when your training for climbing, if all you want is to become a 9a climber, but don’t want to put in the years of training and failure to reach your goals, you aren’t going to make it very far. So why is it that I now spend my evenings sweating it out on my fingerboard and pull up bar when I could just relax in front of the TV. It’s because I know that when I come back from my ankle injury I want to continue climbing and at the level I was at before, and not only that but I want to push myself and complete some longstanding goals from the last few years.



With this in mind I have been trying to train 2 on 1 off, so I will will train for 2 evenings in a row then take one days rest. It’s important to listen to your body when doing this and take extra rest days if you really need it, but not just because you want it. The training I have been doing has varied, but here’s an example from last night’s torture;

– Warm up (Important!!)
– Beastmaker, 6a workout 2 sets/5 reps
– 50 push ups, in 2 sets
– 40 legs raises
– 25 pull ups, in 3 sets
– Cool down, stretches

It’s very easy for this kind of repetitive training to get really boring, and boredom is a killer. So blast some music and keep mixing up the workouts! I have already started noticing small progress and am feeling strong again after the month of inactivity. I managed to pop into work to help everyone with a bit of route setting. Well I probably just got in the way but managed to have a bit of a boulder session with one foot and felt great! Apart from getting pumped pretty quick, but I’m sure never had any endurance anyway.

Route setting at the Cellars.

So hopefully this progress will cotinue and I’ll be fit and strong when I get back on my feet, which shouldn’t be to long now…


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