Learning to walk again – Day 130

Its not that often that I listen to doctors advice, in fact I usually try to avoid them at all costs. But when that doctor has just left what wouldn’t be amiss on a ironmongers stock take in my right ankle I may make an exception and hear him out. And thats just what I did when the last consultant I saw told me to take it easy and “slowly” start to put weight back on my foot leading up to the next appointment, slowly being his key word there.

Over the past few weeks I have gone from swinging around the house on both crutches to carefully hobbling on one crutch with most of the weight on my foot, and have not yet felt any pain which I’m sure can only be a good thing. Moving the leg and foot is proving to feel very alien after it having been a almost useless limb for 3 months. It also doesn’t hurt if it gets bit knocked around in the boot so I don’t have to be so careful when moving around, this has meant I can be more active and not worry too much about my foot. This new found energy and ability has meant I have spent a lot of time out and about taking pictures and continuing with my van conversion (if you haven’t seen that yet click HERE). But heres some pictures and a little video from some recent adventures. They may not be the grand adventures we all dream of, but they certainly are fun!

Messing around in the park with a go pro rig

I went route setting and watched sam do this….

The spinnaker tower at night (go pro hero 4 test)

This last clip was  quick test of my new go pro hero 4, Ive got it rigged up on my drone now so hopefully I’ll be posting some longer aerial videos soon!


Going out and playing with drones and cameras has been great fun, but I still can’t help but wonder if I’m doing too much too soon, or am I not doing enough? Doctors all seem to have that great skill of not actually giving you a straight answer as to avoid being made responsible… So I am trying to figure this all out alone, and I’ve learnt some things along the way;

  • Not walking for 3 months will make your leg that once dragged round a marathon course, look like some unhealthy bingo wings.
  • Being on crutches gives you really tight shoulders… STRETCH!
  • Its easy to get carried away with any recovery, Take your time and be patient.
  • Having projects to pass your time whilst non weight bearing is key!
  • If it hurts, Stop! You don’t want to make any injury worse.
  • And most importantly, Stay positive!


Till next time, keep making the little steps.



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