Exploring an abandoned building with a drone!

Perched on top a small hill in the south downs national park with views spanning over miles of farmland an country side sits Racton monument, Locally known as Racton ruins. Once the proud folly of the 2nd earl of halifax is now an abandoned shell of a building covered in graffiti and broken glass and often frequented by the kind of people you wouldn’t want to bump into in a dark alleyway… or a light alleyway for that point! And this is where Tony and I decided to spend our evening. There was however method in our madness, we had a free evening and realised it was going to be a sunny one, so without to much deciding on what to do we headed out in the van with my drone in hand.

Getting there was more of an achievement than many people would believe, as I have been able to weight bear enough on my foot these past few days to start driving again, at last! So after arriving and eyeing up the path to the monument we set off! What is usually a 15 min stroll up a muddy and gravelly hill became quite an obstacle course with me still being on crutches, But without to many near faceplants we reached the top!

Take off!

For once we had almost perfect timing for flying the drone as the sun was about to set and the light over the fields was beautiful. We spent a while waiting for the intermittent gps to lock on and then had a few short flights around the tower, including one attempt at flying straight up through what used to be the roof, but wind and bad gps foiled our plans! Even despite this we got a few cool clips so after procrastinating for a few days I edited them together and they are now live on youtube, Please go check out the channel !


Till next time,



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