“Remember to work hard” – Day 172

I am happy to say that I have reached the point of almost being back to normal daily life. I can walk unassisted, go up and down stairs and even better I can comfortably ride my road bike. Now whilst I celebrate and look back at how far I’ve come I must also be careful.

With every step my leg is slowly getting stronger and I am becoming more confident, all of this leads to temptations. Patience definitely isn’t one of my best characters, but in this case I know that if I do something stupid (which lets face it wouldn’t be that surprising) I could go back to being on crutches and this recovery could take much longer. So I must focus my enthusiasm else where.

Take pride in the small things – First time wearing two shoes in 5 months!

This Is where my physio comes in, I have found if I focus my energy on not just on exercising my legs a lot but exercising them smart then I can quickly see improvements. Thanks to the help and guidance from Chris at http://chrisgordonsportsphysio.co.uk, I have started to increase flexibility in my ankle that almost completely seized after 6 months of not being used, and have much more confidence that ill make this recovery sooner than expected. Sometimes I have to push through some pain during our sessions but I’m learning to manage it and focusing on the improvements. Each session I leave and he tells me to “Remember to work hard” so thats just what ill do.

As each accomplishment gets bigger and more significant I have to remember to still be happy about the small this. Like getting to ride our bikes down to the local wateringhole with a good friend and sit outside on a sunny evening and completely forget about all those weeks sat on the sofa! Thats a win in my books.

This was short but hopefully sweet, I have to admit I am so focused on doing physio that I’m struggling of thinking of things to write, but as long as I keep making the small steps everything else seems to happen organically.

’till next time, Steve


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