Film Photography in Portsmouth

Today was a typical lazy Sunday, for us anyway. A rainy day spent in town watching Tony from the infamous Volaticus blog put a roll of film through his recently acquired box camera, A medium format film camera with 3 aperture settings and one shutter speed, and thats if it still works properly of which we weren’t to sure. Whilst he played with the camera trying to find new angles to shoot in a city we have photographed on many occasions I managed to get a few nice shots on my film SLR which will be developed at some point soon, maybe. This blog would be pretty boring if I posted it without any pictures so heres a few shots from my trusty Canon 5d.


Working hard to get the angle…
“Zig Zag”
“Pictures of people taking pictures”
“Is that a 12 inch gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me”




“In the rear view mirror”

Sometimes the most enjoyable part of shooting with old film cameras is the uncertainty of success, hence the picture below…

“Did it work?”

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